Experts in renting drilling equipment for foundations and soil studies.

At Drill Rent we have been renting for more than three decades offering drilling equipment for small and large diameter foundations and soil studies.

Based in Madrid, our wide range of equipment is also available for international renting, reaching countries such as Germany, France and Italy, among many others.

Drill Rent ‘s park equipment is less than 5 years old, offering drilling equipment such as pile rigs, crawler rigs, air compressors, injection plants and auxiliary equipment of leading brands, as well as pre-owned equipment for sale.

Our mission is to offer personalized attention and rental machinery that best suits the needs of each work. For this reason, we advise you on the convenience of the equipment and techniques to apply in the execution of each work and supply the necessary consumable material for the execution of the different drilling techniques carried out by our rental equipment.

We have our own qualified personnel for the start-up, maintenance and repair of the equipment. Our technical service carries out scrupulous maintenance and guarantees that all our equipment passes the necessary quality controls to offer a high degree of reliability.

We prepare, qualify and accredit the operators for the management and safety of our rental drilling equipment, delivering all the technical documentation for on-site accreditation.

Why choose Drill Rent

Alta fiabilidad

High reliability

Modern equipment with
comprehensive maintenance
during the rental period.

soporte técnico

Technical support

For the startup onsite,
maintenance and
equipment repair.


Training and qualification
of the operators according to
each rental equipment.


Personalized and continuous
advice on the management
of each rental


Available for sale
of all expandable material
necessary for the
rental equipments.